Founded by Stevie Usher on February 20, 2020, and debuted on April 01, 2021, MISHA NEWS is an online monthly news magazine comprised of safety and health professionals dedicated to promoting safe and healthful workplaces and environmental spaces for America’s public and private sectors.



MISHA NEWS promotes awareness that fosters helpful dialogs among America’s citizenry as our country struggles to redefine ourselves as a nation. Our goals are not to shy away from contentious topics such as climate change or the green new deal but explore their possibilities and what they could mean for our future for generations to come. We invite you to participate in the discussion.



MISHA NEWS is more than just news. We offer a variety of free articles that rival many organizations’ safety, health, and environment training. Our articles are thorough and complete. Many of our contributors are currently active in their professional fields. They know the current state and federal regulations related to safety, health, and daily environmental operations. They will have solutions to many safety, health, and environmental concerns.




MISHA NEWS’ New Technologies section explores new technologies intended to enhance safety, health, and environmental industries. We explore what’s new in the workplace and what works. We’ll deliver head to head comparisons of a variety of today’s new safety, health, and environment apps so you can decide which is a good fit for you.

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Everyone has something to contribute to humanity. Want to do your share? MISHA NEWS is currently appealing to safety and health professionals and environmentalists to contribute their voice. Interested parties, please fill out the form below.